Private Equity

The Private Equity Department is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual curiosity and professional aspirations of students keenly interested in the fields of Private Equity and Venture Capital. Our primary objective is to equip our members with the requisite resources and expertise to excel in this dynamic and multifaceted industry. Through various media channels, including podcasts and newsletters, our aim is to offer insights into the forefront of the finance industry and empower our members with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this arena.

Our focus spans a wide spectrum of topics, encompassing the organizational structures of PE firms, the typical transaction processes, and intricate leveraged buyout (LBO) modeling. Moreover, the department serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of camaraderie among like-minded individuals during our diverse range of events.

In the realms of PE and VC, nurturing a robust professional network holds paramount importance. Thus, we are dedicated to broadening our business network through the cultivation of relationships with key industry players. This endeavor allows us to provide our members with insights into the latest trends and best practices shaping the private equity landscape. With this mission in mind, we place great emphasis on facilitating our members’ entry into the world of PE. As part of these efforts, we offer interview preparation sessions encompassing typical questions, classic analytical exercises, and collaborative exploration of paper LBOs.

The Private Equity Department is under the capable leadership of Ms. Kitti Harmati.
If you share the enthusiasm for dealing with the extraordinary discipline of finance and would like to develop your analytical and technical skills, we cordially invite you to join our highly motivated and committed team.

Source: Bain & Company, GLOBAL PRIVATE EQUITY REPORT 2023

Source: Bain & Company, GLOBAL PRIVATE EQUITY REPORT 2023