Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management Department at the Hedge Fund Club is a dynamic and forward-thinking division dedicated to the development and execution of unique trading strategies driven by macroeconomic trends and market forecasts. Under the astute leadership of Nisar Ayubi and Philipp Pfitscher, we continuously seek to diversify our portfolio, encompassing a wide spectrum of financial instruments such as traditional equities, credit default swaps, bonds, cryptocurrencies, FOREX, and more. Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore new asset classes and investment prospects, all aimed at maximizing returns for our portfolio.

Within a one to three-month time horizon, we employ a variety of investment strategies that include both long and short positions, meticulously crafted through rigorous market analysis. Additionally, we strategically utilize hedges to mitigate specific risks, all while maintaining a vigilant eye on market inefficiencies, pricing anomalies, and upcoming events to leverage and generate attractive returns.

One distinctive feature of our department is the opportunity for members to participate in learning sessions designed to prepare them for our club’s examination. Successful completion of this exam grants individuals the unique opportunity to become an active part of the Portfolio Management Department, where they can directly manage our clubs portfolio. This hands-on experience offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to further develop your investment skills and foster connections with like-minded individuals.

Moreover, we are proud to be the only student initiative in Mannheim to have access to a Bloomberg terminal, providing you with unparalleled resources and opportunities in the world of finance.

Disclaimer: This portfolio is for informational purposes only. The statements made in this portfolio do not constitute investment advice under any circumstances. Any investment in a financial product is subject to risks and may lead to total loss. Hedge Fund Club e.V. does not manage any financial products. The sole purpose of the department is to provide financial education to students.