Quantitative Trading

Welcome to the Quantitative Trading Department!

The Quant Department is designed to satisfy the intellectual curiosity and professional ambitions of students who are passionate about financial markets and advanced quantitative techniques. Our primary goal is to equip our members with the necessary resources and expertise to excel in this dynamic and diverse field. Through interactive learning sessions and collaborative projects, we aim to provide insights into the cutting-edge discipline of quantitative trading and equip our members with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field.

We explore a wide range of trading strategies, including factor-based strategies, macro-based strategies, risk arbitrage, relative value arbitrage, and risk management techniques. Our department serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering camaraderie among peers through our various activities.

In the field of quantitative research, maintaining a solid professional network is essential. Therefore, we strive to expand our connections by building and maintaining relationships with industry partners. In this way, we can offer our members invaluable insights into the latest trends and best practices shaping the world of quantitative finance. As we strive to help our members compete in the financial industry, we provide them with opportunities for growth and professional development.

The Quant Department is made up of highly motivated students who have a strong understanding and experience in mathematics, statistics, programming, and finance. The Department is currently under the competent directorship of Erik Friedrich and Nisar Ayubi. If you share our enthusiasm for exploring the world of quantitative finance, we invite you to join our dedicated and dynamic team. Together, we foster a collaborative learning environment, engage in challenging programming as well as research projects, and open up opportunities for you to advance your career in finance.